3 10, 2023

How is VectorVest’s methodology better than dollar cost averaging?

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Dollar cost averaging suggests buying stocks even as they're going down in price, because hopefully the price will go back up. The problem is many stocks go down and never go back up. A JP Morgan study found that 40% of stocks since 1980 have suffered "catastrophic losses", meaning declines of 70% or more without [...]

3 10, 2023

Does VectorVest work even in a bear market?

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Yes. While VectorVest is great at telling you when to buy, it's also useful in knowing when to move to a cash position. For more advanced users, we also offer classes on shorting the market. Our savviest users have found that the market falls much faster than it rises, making for impressive short term profits.

3 10, 2023

How does VectorVest calculate the relative value of a stock?

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VectorVest analyzes a stock's positive attributes (earnings, earnings growth, profitability) and negative attributes (interest rates, inflation) to determine its value. If the positive outweighs the negative, the value increases. Price moves towards value over time. If a stock is undervalued, its price will tend to rise over time to meet its value. If price is [...]

3 10, 2023

What are the fundamental principles behind the VectorVest Engine?

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VectorVest is the only system that analyzes, sorts and ranks stocks for value, safety and timing. We created a rating that we call VST - the value, safety, timing rating - which allows us to rank stocks from those that have the best combination of value, safety and timing to the worst. We have an [...]

3 10, 2023

Is VectorVest designed for private investors or do professionals use it as well?

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VectorVest has a mix of private investors, money managers, brokers and financial advisers using the product successfully. The bulk of our subscribers are individual investors. They are folks that have been involved in their own businesses and want to run their own portfolios. They tend to be financially sound and they have negative experiences giving [...]

3 10, 2023

I can get investing info for free from Yahoo Finance or Seeking Alpha. Why would I pay for VectorVest?

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While there are plenty of free sources of "financial advice," oftentimes the motivation behind these suggestions are pundits working to offload undesirable stocks. On the other hand, VectorVest's success is aligned with our customers—your success is ours. The guidance VectorVest provides doesn't come from pundits or institutional investors, but rather from a refined mathematical model [...]

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