Well, that was an amazing and very special treat. No other way to describe such an enjoyable, informative and valuable conversation with Dr. DiLiddo such as we were privileged to hear during today’s International Online Forum.

Our special guest was VectorVest Founder Dr. Bart DiLiddo. The accolades and grateful appreciation for Dr. DiLiddo’s presentation and the VectorVest system kept coming throughout the presentation.

Craig F. said, “Great guidance as to the basis for VectorVest. Gives us a very strong footing on this wonderful service.”

Leslie J. chatted in, “Gives us confidence to hear all this from the founder!”

Sidney W. said, “I’m relatively new to VectorVest. Great to hear Dr. D’s story how the program came about. Already having much better success than I would have ever thought. Please thank Dr. D for me.”

Jeff M. commented, “Thank-you so much Dr. D for creating VectorVest. It’s an incredible set of investing tools and guidance! Please return to our Forum for another session!”

We had just 75 minutes or so with Dr. D, but it’s amazing how many interesting stories and valuable insights he was able to deliver.

  • the history of VectorVest’s development from a weekly printed advisory service to the first service ever to offer an electronic service to analyze, sort and rank stocks
  • the importance of several VectorVest indicators and how they are calculated
  • why RT is given the highest weighting in the vector formula for Value, Safety and Timing (VST) and examples of how Dr. D use it
  • how to manage your portfolio simply and effectively using a Watchlist
  • the story of how CI (Comfort Index) came to be added to the indicators and why Dr. D believes it’s so valuable
  • the story behind when and why searches were added to the program, and the first search written by Dr. D.
  • why you shouldn’t ignore gold stocks in your portfolio
Dr. DiLiddo shared with us a few great trades and some valuable lessons that he has learned along the way. For example, he said he had to learn not to ‘second guess’ the database. “The database is objective. We can’t allow our emotions to get in the way.”

A special request by Joan G. for help with guidance for the young people she is assisting did not go unanswered. His response will help anyone who is trying to guide their children and grandchildren to invest wisely for the future.

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