May 22 Lithium minersCanadian Lithium miners are soaring with the demand for batteries by Tesla and other makers of electrified vehicles. Primary drivers of lithium demand are expected to come from hybrid and electric cars, electrical grid storage, cell phones, computers, power tools, iPods and iPads.

I have to admit, I arrived a little late to the party with Nemaska (NMX) and Lithium X Energy (LIX).  (Gotta keep a closer eye on those Industry RT Rankings!) However, despite a virtually parabolic move, I don’t think the run is over in lithium stocks for longterm-minded investors. The adjacent QuickTest shows how Canadian lithium miners have performed since VectorVest’s March 1 Confirmed Up market call.

In the US, three notables are Albemarle (ALB), FMC Corp (FMC) and Chemical&Mining (SQM). All three are up since March 1, but not nearly to the extent of our top CA miners. ALB is up 30.53% FMC 24.66% and SQM 24.52%.

Click on the link below for a cool video about the Nemaska lithium mining operations in Quebec.

Nemaska Lithium Mine Video

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CA Market Outlook.  Can we break out above this channel? Our VectorVest Composite rose once again Friday, right to a resistance zone that it’s had trouble breaking above. With the Canadian market closed for the Victoria holiday today, perhaps today’s action on the US market provides some clues, but not really. The U.S. markets were up most of the day but nosedived in the last 90 minutes to close modestly lower. Looking at the CA-US Interlisted stocks (Special WatchList Folder), we can see that most sectors finished lower except for banks. Oil and Gold futures were down all day, so something to check in the morning. Here’s a graph of our Canadian Market with Support lines in green and Resistance in red:

May 22 MTI

Presented by Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada

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