Welcome to CA BlogWelcome to our new VectorVest Canada Investment Blog, featuring random tips, ideas and strategies for making money with VectorVest. Thank you for visiting.

Purpose: To make us all better investors by sharing real life investing ideas, strategies and personal experiences using the VectorVest System.

Content. We’ll analyze stocks and ETFs, study current market conditions, review trading strategies and present graph studies, all with a purpose to explain and demonstrate the powerful tools and features in our VectorVest program. Our focus will be on Canadian stocks and markets, but we won’t ignore the global investment climate and opportunities, especially in the United States. We’ll look at stocks, ETFs and Options. Each entry will be something that I feel is interesting or important enough to comment about.

User Groups. A great thing about our VectorVest community is our User Groups where members freely share their own stock analysis and investing strategies at every meeting. From time to time we’ll post a presentation or article from one of our 20 Canadian User Groups.

Frequency of Posts. My goal is to have at least one or two posts per week. Some posts will be more detailed. Others will be short notes about upcoming events or news that I believe is important enough or at least interesting enough to pass along to you.

Location of Blog. You’ll find our Blog at www.vectorvest.ca/caBlog.

Mission and Disclaimer. Content posted on this blog is intended solely to educate and empower investors to make better investment decisions using VectorVest. It is not intended and should not be considered in any way as investment advice. There is financial risk involved with any investment. You should always do your own research before making any investment decision.