Written By: Stan Heller

Despite unrelenting fears about high inflation and a possible recession, almost all global stock markets delivered positive gains in January. To see what’s really happening, we need to check with VectorVest.

Run a QuickTest of the VectorVest US Global Market ETFs WatchList in VectorVest 7 US from January 3rd to January 31st. The WatchList is in the Cherry Picking Folder. Below are the top 15 leaders. Notice Canada, EWC delivered a solid return of 10.11% and the Nasdaq 100, QQQ was up 11.40%. China, FXI, didn’t make the top 15, but it gained 8.46%, which is good news for the global economy.




Notice the average gain of all 43 ETFs was 8.06%, with 41 winners and just two losers. India, INDA, was down 2.17% and Turkey, TUR, was down 10.22%. The VectorVest Composite (US) gained 8.17%. For comparison, the TSX Capped Composite Index, represented by iShares XIC, gained 6.95%. The broad market index VectorVest Composite Canada (VVC/CA) was up 5.82%.

With the market rallying, VectorVest Canada signaled a Confirmed Up (C/Up) call on November 15, 2022. Despite a pullback in early December before resuming the uptrend, it has been an excellent time to buy stocks. There’s an old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” So it is with the global ETFs, and so it is with Sectors. The Global Market ETFs WatchList and the VectorVest Composite Indices are a good barometer of global market performance. When the market is rallying, here is a quick search to find rising stocks in rising sectors.




You can, of course, modify the search criteria as you wish. I like that this search shows how you can combine Sector Price Deltas with Stock Price Deltas. Graph the 10 stocks using the NPI Near Perfect Graph Layout. Add the 5, 8 and 13 EMAs as shown below. Favour the stocks in the early stages of breaking out with substantial momentum of the RT 5-Day MA, such as Airboss, BOS, Century Lithium, LCE and, Enthusiast Gaming, EGLX.




Try the search. I think you will agree it shows an effective way to use VectorVest’s Delta operator to find RISING STOCKS IN RISING SECTORS.

P.S. Don’t forget the International Online Forum is tomorrow, February 4th at 11:00 am Eastern. Guest Speaker Dr. Ed Subak will deliver an update on Thematic ETF performance and guidance on how to trade them in 2023. Please click here to join the livestream on VectorVest’s YouTube channel.