Oct 19 SOTWThis week’s Special Strategy of The Week (SOTW) Presentation was titled, It’s All About That Dividend. Yield is paramount in our current economy, punctuated by low interest rates. Investors are turning to dividend paying stocks to fill the vacuum, but dividend safety and growth are vitally important. VectorVest offers a suite of tools to help select and manage your income portfolio as shown by Todd Shaffer, Manager of Research, in this week’s Special Presentation.

For a review of Todd’s outstanding presentation, please join me today, Tuesday, Oct. 20 at 12:30 ET for our regular Q&A Webcast. We’ll review the highlights of Todd’s presentation, study current market conditions and of course, answer your questions. Click Here To Register.

How Do You Find the Best Dividend Stocks? In today’s webinar I’ll show you five top strategies in VectorVest UniSearch that continue to return solid dividend growth companies. I ran the searches yesterday and found 23 stocks that have consistently outperformed the market over the last six years. Shown below is the equity curve over those six years. Join me at today’s webinar to learn the 5 strategies and the stocks they are returning today.

Oct 19 5 RET Strategies graph FINAL

By Stan Heller, Consultant
VectorVest Canada