ccl RS YSG CIOur Friday Special Presentation focused on three qualities to look for in retirement stocks:

1. High Relative Safety

2. High Dividend Yield, Safety and Growth, and

3, High Comfort Index.

All three are terrific indicators found only in VectorVest. During our Q&A Webinar tomorrow at 12:30 pm EDT, we’ll use a few searches to find and study several Canadian stocks that have these qualities and answer your questions.

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In addition to studying graphs stocks with high RS, YSG and CI, we’ll look at look at:

The Top 10 Dividend Price Gainers the Last 3 Years:

The Top 10 Dividend Price Gainers the Last 3 Years

Here’s one of the prettiest graphs we’ll look at:

The Top 10 Dividend Price Gainers the Last 3 Years

We’ll also look at the market conditions tomorrow in RealTime. As we saw in Friday’s Timing the Market video, our Canadian market is poised to either bounce higher off a support level or fall through support.  Notice on the MTI graph below, price has been rising while the MTI on the sub-graph is falling. This is a BEARISH DIVERGENCE.

Also notice the value of MTI has fallen below its 8-day MA, another caution signal. For now, VectorVest guidance is giving us a strong warning to “move to the sidelines”. This means don’t buy stocks at least until we see a primary wave up. Tomorrow is an important day to help determine direction. We will study the market in RealTime during our Q&A webinar at 12:30 pm EDT.
MTI April 20

I hope to see you on the webinar tomorrow. Can’t make it to the live event? Make sure you register to receive an email with a link to the recording.

Wishing you good investing.

Stan Heller, Consultant
VectorVest Canada