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Our Development Team always does great work, but it has really outdone itself lately. Subscribers at our Tuesday, Q&A Webinar enthusiastically agree.

Let’s have a look at three valuable new features recently added by Development.


This is a total redesign of the Viewers tab released on November 14th. What’s new? When you click on the Viewers tab, you have two large, new buttons that say, “Go to Stock Viewer” and “Go to WatchList Viewer”.  These shortcuts allow quick access to essential data, including your most viewed screens.

First, access to the Stock Viewer isn’t much different, but faster, and there is a Quick Stock Lookup to take you straight to the stocks you want to see. If you want to see more than one stock, just type in the symbols and separate them by a comma. The list will open in the Stock Viewer.

Next, click on WatchList Viewer. Here, the enhancements are significant. A large panel opens that has shortcuts to the following:

  1. Featured WatchLists – a list of four popular WatchLists.
  2. Recent WatchLists – these are seven VectorVest WatchLists that you have recently accessed.
  3. My Recent WatchLists – these are seven of your own WatchLists that you have recently accessed.

What a timesaver! There is also a shortcut to Create a New WatchList – just be sure to highlight the Folder first where you would like to place your new WatchList.


This was one of our most requested features, and on December 9th, our Development Team delivered. Not only can we display past earnings dates on our graphs, we can look up future dates in the new Events Viewer and never miss upcoming earnings. We can speculate on stocks that have earnings coming soon or simply avoid the risk and see how the earnings come out before we buy.

We can even search the entire database to include or exclude stocks that have earnings dates coming soon. This is a huge advantage for investor’s and options traders alike! And, we can add the next earnings dates to our layouts in Portfolio Manager; so, we should never miss the opportunity to decide whether to hold a stock through earnings or sell and take risk off the table. See my essay of 12/13/19 for more details.

VectorVest WatchLists

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Part of the Viewers tab redesign, it’s the third  large button and was released last Friday, November 10th. THIS IS A GAME-CHANGER! It delivers a systematic, measurable approach to help subscribers discover which searches and strategies are performing best right now. Currently, 23 trading systems are displayed for Canada showing gain/loss performance over 1 Month; 3 Months; 1 Year; and calendar YTD. The spreadsheet also displays the ARR since the hypothetical inception of each Trading System as well as the most recent 1 Year Drawdown, a measure of risk. Subscribers can sort on any of the columns to suit their analysis. Every subscriber has access to the above. Subscribers who have purchased special tools such as AutoTimer and RoboTrader can easily copy, paper trade and implement the complete trading systems of their choice.

VectorVest Trading Systems Viewer

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Here’s an idea from one of our subscribers: If you haven’t already done so, put all your stocks in a portfolio in Portfolio Manager and monitor how well your stocks and the portfolio overall are doing against the top Trading System Viewer strategies. It could be an eye-opener.

For a complete explanation of the Trading Systems Viewer with some ideas for best practices, there are a couple of videos you might wish to review. First is Research Manager Todd Shaffer’s excellent Special Presentation video posted in VectorVest University on Friday, January 10th. For a Canadian market perspective, you can also view my Tuesday, January 14th Q&A Webinar replay by clicking on this link:

If you want to read up on all the latest features added to VectorVest, you can always click on the Training tab and then scroll down to the bottom and click on the “New Features” link. Right beside that is the “Improvement Requests” link where you add your request or vote for someone else’s suggestion. You have up to 10 votes that you can add to your favourite improvement idea or spread them around. Who knows, your suggestion just might result in something as valuable as THE ALL-NEW VIEWERS TAB.