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Written by:  Mike Simonato, Ontario Presenter: “My Three Friends”, Dec. 3, 2016, VectorVest International Online User Group (Click here to View: My Three Friends)

So far 2021 is looking like a continuation of 2020. As a business owner I know the warning signs when a business is in trouble. I also highlighted that for me the Q4 Earnings (2020) and the Q1 Earnings (2021) were key for me.  So here is what I’m seeing in the first 2 weeks and explanations:

  1. Bed Bath and Beyond is closing more stores  (Not big as they have been in trouble)
  2. Macy’s is closing more stores. (Not a big shock as Retail is being hit especially hard)
  3. Entertainers are selling their catalogues. Reasons are 1. Avoid big tax jump under Biden  2. Raise capital to pay for lavish lifestyle due to no revenue from concerts
  4. Wealthy are selling their homes  Reasons 1. Raise Capital and avoid potential tax increases
  5. NRA declared bankruptcy to avoid New York lawsuit and will register in Texas where they will be supported
  6. 6. Earnings have started and are mixed so far
  7. Retail workers and Front-Line workers are so stressed the good ones are all quitting or taking stress leave.
  8. I’m expecting many bankruptcies in the first and maybe the 2nd quarter of 2021
  9. Watch your bills  There are an insane number of mistakes that if you don’t catch them, you’ll be ripped off.

The CDN, British, Europe and Australian Strategies are all exactly the same warnings, we could get a C/DN next week.

No need to panic but definitely a time to be cautious.


DOW JONES:  Bounced off the 20 SMA but closed below the 8 EMA RT is rolling over

NASDAQ:        same as Dow but only selling 3 of 5 days

S&P 500:         Same as Dow

MKT TIMING:  Closed right at 8 EMA  BSR rolling over  RT and MTI flat to slightly down

READ Views, Strategy and Climate  Earnings Indicator rose yet again and is now at 1

In conjunction with Stan’s Views on 5G I showed the YTD (2021) Quick Test as well as the Watchlist Average Graph (5 Yr)

I also showed the 1 year Quick Test from the USA Balanced Portfolio I shared before I left the Group

Lastly, I showed how the ARK ETFs continue to be strong to start 2021









PTSE:              Closed right at 8 EMA  RT Falling

VENTURE:      Held the 8 EMA and closed today above the 3 EMA  RT Slightly lower

MKT TIMING:  Price is Flat and right at the 8 EMA BSR Falling, RT and MTI falling slightly

READ Views, Strategy, Climate  Earnings Indicator rose another point this week

READ Australian, British and European Views  (Strategies are all exactly the same as the CDN Strategy thus could be a lot of C/DNs next week)

My Two Cents by Mike Simonato