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VectorVest announced recently that subscribers now have access to all the VectorVest regions, at no additional cost! VectorVest has opened a window to a wealth of valuable investing insights and timely global market news with this decision.

The next time you log in, click on the flag of the region you want to study to open the software for that region. These include CA-Canada, US-United States, AU-Australia, EU-Europe, and UK-United Kingdom. I only trade Canada and the US, but now, I could confidently trade the other countries. All I have to do is find a broker to provide the service and set up an account.

All regions of VectorVest

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It doesn’t have to take a lot of time to get the best out of this goldmine of information. It can be done in just 60-minute or so on a weekend. Here is my plan.


THE ESSAYS. My first stop is to look over the essays written by the Managing Directors and representatives from each region. These individuals are not only seasoned and successful investors, they know the VectorVest program and the markets inside and out. They explain how to invest wisely, timely strategies to make money using VectorVest, best practices for stock and industry analysis, and timely insights into current market conditions, clearly explaining and underscoring VectorVest guidance and actions to take.

Here are the essay topics from last weekend:

  • AUA Primer on Individual Dividend Stock Analysis – Telstra Case Study by Robert and Russell Markham
  • CAThe Wall of Worry and Definition of a Buy-Rated Stock by Stan Heller
  • EUBuilding and Managing a Dividend Growth Portfolio by Susan Hayes-Culleton
  • UKIf I Was Managing Your Money by David Paul
  • USThe Financial Freedom Summit – A Thank You, and the Weekly Earnings Update, by VectorVest Staff

WEBCAST SCHEDULE. Next, I check the Webcast Schedule in the Views and immediately register for any of the free webinars that hold particular interest to me. These include the weekly Q&A’s and any special topics. I know that as long as I register, I will automatically get an email with a link to the replay that I can watch later at my convenience.

MODEL PORTFOLIOS AND TRADING SYSTEM VIEWER. Model portfolios and trading systems in every country are delivering outstanding results. Now I can research them, get the entire trading system details, and duplicate them in a backtest to see how it will do in Canada and the US.

For example, Australia’s Income Portfolio is up a whopping $77% YTD in 2020. How have they done that? The UK model portfolios are up 27% and 28% YTD. Canada’s Prudent Portfolio is up 21% YTD, and the Aggressive Portfolio is up 18%. NEWS FLASH: Two US trading systems are up 315%  and 224% in just the last 12 months. That’s 12 to 15 years of capital growth for the average investor and expert fund manager in only one year.

I want to know, what stocks are these strategies buying and when are they selling?

COLOR GUARD, STRATEGY AND MARKET CLIMATE. Last but not least, I want to take the time and see how each of the five global markets is trending and what is VectorVest’s strategic guidance for the week ahead and long-term. Is there a global trend for market conditions that I need to consider?

I can quickly study the Market Timing Gauge and Color Guard for each country to determine if the market is Bullish or Bearish. For more guidance, I check out the Strategy Section in the Views. How did our key market timing indicators behave during the week? What is the guidance for Prudent and Aggressive investors? I finish by reading the Market Climate section to understand the global trends for corporate earnings, inflation and interest.

This is valuable global information and insights you can’t get anywhere else, especially now that we have ALL REGIONS FREE ACCESS.

P.S. VIDEO. I have created a short video on our YouTube Channel to demonstrate and show the steps in my weekly routine. I am sure you will find it helpful in designing your own routine. Please click here to watch the video.


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