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Mike Simonato, Ontario. Presenter: “Investing for the Long Term”, presented to the Feb. 6, 2021 International Online Forum, you can watch by CLICKING HERE. 

Well, the Simonato Market curse is in effect. As soon as I shut the business down and I’m able to trade, the market goes to hell in a handbasket until I return to work in the spring. So my sincere apologies to traders everywhere.  Starting as early as Monday we could start seeing C/DN signals that could be global by the end of the week. Next week I’ll show my strategy on “Buying the Dip”  Despite everything, my long term holds did well (very happy every time I get 30% plus returns in a year) I just have to buy the rest of my positions

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Finally, Stan’s Nov picks are up 18.41% this month  The market is up 1.80%

Key News items:

CVS a major pharmacy chain in the USA is closing 900 stores to focus more on its online presence.  Online shopping is here to stay and continues to explode upwards.  ETSY and Shopify had another amazing year. (I still plan on buying ETSY on a correction)

Crypto scams etc continue to skyrocket.  Last week I showed the safest way to play them but this is a risky sector so be careful

Xmas ads are highlighting online shopping ie The Bay showing people getting all their Xmas shopping done in bed.

Dominos bought $100,000 in competitors’ gift cards to give out.  The premise is if you’re not buying Dominos, go to one of these other fine restaurants and support them. Just Do Not Use Door Dash or Skip the Dishes or any other delivery service that charges the restaurants insane fees.

As businesses continue to adapt we must stay up to date on Trends that will (or should be ) here for the long run.

For me, no brainers are:

Bob Turnbull’s Strategy  CDN and USA

  1. Online Shopping (Etsy and Shopify)  Can add Ebay if you so desire
  2. Funeral Home and Long Term Care  Good Capital Appreciation on the right ones and excellent Dividends
  3. Crypto  Insane Capital Appreciation but risky until all the dust and adapting are done
  4. Banks are really advertising their online trading platforms but until they drop their insane fees it will be a struggle but good capital appreciation this year and good safe dividends
  5. Debit/ Credit Payments. I did a lot of research this week (which I’ll share next week) trying to find out why this sector had such a bad year. nothing has changed my outlook on the sector just again need to see the dust settle and see who was able to position themselves going forward.

Let’s all work together to make 2022 our best year ever

NOTE Please keep our friends in BC in our thoughts and prayers. To say they’ve had the worst year ever is an understatement with more stress on the way.

Now for the Markets:


DOW JONES:       Dow fell below the 20 SMA on strong vol and a strong Candle

NASDAQ:             Recovering after a 2 day sell off  Vol holding steady

S&P 500:              Similar to the Nasdaq  Holding the 8 EMA

MKT TIMING:       Closed just below the 20 SMA and all 3 indicators fell as well

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PTSE:                   Pulling back to the 20 SMA but vol decreasing  watch for clearer direction next week

VENTURE:           Holding a support level and again weaker vol

MKT TIMING:       Price didn’t fall much but all 3 indicators did

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GOLD:                   Failed at the 200 sma  6 attempts in a row to break above all failed  vol weakening so continue to watch

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Britain       Read Views and Strategy

As always nothing more than my 2 cents and I hope it’s of interest and value