By Don Fanstone, Member of Kitchener/Waterloo User Group
January 23, 2015

gib star search Jan 22 2015Sometimes I am too hasty in protecting profits. Taking the profits in GIB.A wasn’t all bad, but had I followed the Star Search Graph and had a little more faith in the graph, I would have held on. Experience is a great teacher, but sometimes one becomes over cautious.

CGI Group (GIB.A). CGI Group will report earnings on Jan. 28. I re-entered the market today and purchased 5 August 40 Calls at $10.00 each. This is a half position of that normally taken. With the profits in hand from the first trade, there is good coverage on the downside. If the earnings report is favourable, it may lead to adding to the holding. The stock is at $48.45, indicating a premium of $1.55. (Strike Price + Premium Paid – Stock Price).

Royal Bank (RY). Royal announced a takeover of an American Bank yesterday and the stock fell $1.90 to $74.71. Royal is one of the top banks and this price provides an attractive entry point, the downside is limited in my opinion. I purchased 10 July 64 Call Options at $12.45. The stock today is at $75.85 indicating a premium of $.60. This is a very low premium and an easy way to control or participate in the likely rise in price of 1000 shares.

Canadian National Railway (CNR). CNR reports on Tuesday Jan. 27th. Yesterday, CP reported strong earnings, as did Union Pacific in the USA. CNR has moved up exceptionally strong, the June 66’s moving from a purchase price of $13.60 to a current price of $19.40.  CNR is off $1.46 today, however will hold for the earnings report on Tuesday. It is expected that earnings will be very good, there is a possibility of a dividend increase and a favourable outlook. At this stage, with a 42% gain in hand, whether to hold or sell is an individual choice.

Enbridge: (ENB). Holding July 52’s purchased Dec. 24 at $7.80, currently worth $10.10. All of the Pipelines are good candidates for higher values.

Companies to Watch:

Home Capital (HCG). Buy July 36’s. I do not own this company at this time. I have owned it previously and it is now coming off of a low. Very attractive in my opinion.

gib star search Jan 22 2015

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