Shell Plc (SHEL) announced that it’s anticipating up to a $1.5 billion to $2 billion tax impairment for having to halt its Netherlands biofuels production facility. The divestment of its chemicals refinery in Singapore will play a part in the impairment as well.

The Netherlands site could generate as much as 820K metric tons of biofuels annually, much of which will be made from waste like cooking oil. The biofuels have applications in sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel fuel.

It was expected that production could start as soon as next year, but the company put out a release Tuesday saying it will need to put a pin in its construction efforts for the Rotterdam facility. 

It’s facing fierce competition in the sustainable fuel market coming from the US and wants to be sure the project is set up for success in this landscape. The specific impairment figures for Q2 work out to:

  • $600M to $1B for the Rotterdam Hub
  • $600M to $800M for the Singapore Hub

Q2 results are set to be released on August 1, 2024. Shell also mentioned that its integrated gas segment isn’t going to bring in the profits that had been hoped for given seasonal fluctuations. However, the earnings for this segment in Q2 should still be fairly in line with 2023’s figures.

The company got more specific with its LNG production forecast as well, with an anticipated range of 940,000-980,000 boe/d for Q2 compared to the original outlook of 920,000-980,000 boe/d. 

Quarterly LNG volumes should fall between 6.8M to 7.2M mt, which puts the company in line with last year’s performance at the high end and a step back from the first quarter of this year, which produced 7.6M mt. 

SHEL is up nearly 12% through 2024 thus far and rallied almost 5% over the past month as we approach Q2 earnings. Should you buy this stock before the results come out? We found 3 things in the VectorVest stock analysis software to help you decide one way or the other.

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