During Saturday’s International Online User Group Forum we learned about a new High CI Trading Plan that is simple, and yet has demonstrated a high win rate and excellent profitability during extensive backtesting and forward-testing. Click here to view the replay of this outstanding presentation.

The trading plan has delivered excellent portfolio returns and some big winners for our presenters, Dr. Gord Nixon of British Columbia and Mike Simonato of Ontario. Gord showed chart examples of four of his winning trades, explaining when and why he bought them and when and why he sold three of them Th, SHOP and FIH.U. He is still holding TRZ. While the trading plan was created for the Canadian market, Gord said the principles behind VectorVest’s High CI Prospects Search and WatchLists should allow the strategy to work well in all markets. Everyone was encouraged to do their own testing and chart reviews.

In their presentation titled, Strategic Investing with VectorVest High CI Indicator: KISS The High CI, Gord explained why and how he created the High CI Trading Plan. After achieving extremely good initial results last fall, Gord sought out Mike, architect of the My Three Friends Forum presentation, to verify his results. Mike explained his testing methods and showed the results, including a table of High CI Prospects run from the first trading day of the month to the last trading day of the month. In a wonderful example of the value in collaboration, Gord and Mike have continued their testing and trading in realtime, refining their trading plan along the way.

Several members chatted in their thanks and appreciation to Gord and Mike for their research and for their willingness to share the results.

Below are just a few representative examples:

Q: Excellent presentation with excellent results. Thank you [Ken [Q: 10:31 AM]
Q: Thanks for the great forum. Great information [Boyd [Q: 10:32 AM]
Q: Thanks so much for this valuable info!! [Holly [Q: 10:32 AM]
Q: Thank you – it’s great to see what everyone else does both at these online groups and the local meetings.[Carolyn  [Q: 10:31 AM]

Gord summarized the CI indicator created by VectorVest creator Dr. DiLiddo. It’s an indicator that reflects a stock’s ability to resist severe and/or lengthy price declines. Dr. DiLiddo created the High CI Prospects search with the purpose of finding really big winners when they are in the early stage of development. While the search itself requires the ProTrader premium plug-in, stocks that meet the criteria throughout the week are added each Friday to the High CI WatchLists in the Viewers tab. ProTrader is not required for any of the chart set-ups.

Gord said another great resource is the HCIP (High CI Prospects) Favorites WatchList. “If you want to find stocks that steadily go higher and higher, try using the HCIP Favorites WatchList.”

Gord also encouraged VectorVest members to use the Portfolio Manager if they are not doing so already. In addition to giving a visual performance chart, he said it allows you track a lot of information related to your portfolio. He said, “It contains information in Reports on all your buys and sells in the Transaction log, a Summary Report, Diversification Graph and Trade History.”

Below is the equity curve in Portfolio Manager of the HCIP Favorites and HCIP Prospects portfolio Gord has been running since the beginning of January.

Sept 2 Gords portfolio equity curve

The trading plan is not automated. Charts are used to buy and sell stocks. Below is an example of Gord’s winning FIH.U trade. This is the chart set-up Gord said he uses to cherry-pick stocks from the High CI Prospects WatchList and HCIP Favorites WatchList, and the set-up he uses to monitor his stocks and make sell decisions.

Sept 2 FIH

Market Review. Canadian Consultant Stan Heller showed the Market Timing Gauges and Color Guards for all eight markets covered by VectorVest. Hong Kong is now the clear leader with the VectorVest Composite Index showing a 17.21% gain YTD. Canada remains the laggard with just a 1.98% gain YTD. Below is an interesting table of Stan’s WatchList of ETFs (US database) that track various global markets. The table is from a QuickTest of the ETFs showing performance YTD.

Sept 2 Global ETFs

Finally, after the Market Timing chart review of both Canada and US markets, Stan conducted the following poll and shared the results. The poll helps us gauge market sentiment.

Sept 2 Poll Results

Mar 8 Trial

Posted by Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this Blog is for educational and information purposes only. Example trades and strategies must not be considered as recommendations. You should always do your own analysis and invest based on your own risk tolerance, investment style, goals and time horizon. There are risks involved in investing and only you know your financial situation, risk tolerance, financial goals and time horizon.

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