Well, another terrific International Online User Group Forum is in the books.  Click Here For The Recording. Thanks to everyone who attended, and thanks for the great participation with comments and questions.

COVERED CALL OPTION STRATEGY, SARASOTA USER GROUP (UG), presented by Dennis Fluegel, UG Leader. Our keynote presentation, Dennis gave a clear and valuable explanation of the Options Income Strategy that he and his UG members found reasonably simple to execute and easy to maintain. Dennis said not everyone participated right away, but several members began using the strategy and have had excellent success. The goal was a 15% annual income stream on a $100,000 portfolio.  After a year the portfolio achieved about $1,000 per month income. VectorVest Founder Dr. Bart DiLiddo says every investor should learn to do basic option trades for income and protection. If you haven’t started yet, this is something you might want to look into. Here is a small sample of the comments we received:

“Thank-you for the clear and concise set-up. I particularly enjoyed your spreadsheet and explanations of the actual trades you made.” – John M.
“Great presentation, Dennis! Very clear and understandable even for a newbie.” – Trevor L.
“I really appreciated the review of the actual transactions, starting with the loser as it took the viewer through the emotions that the investor likely felt…….Very wise counsel on covered call option trading.” – Irwin

FINDING WINNERS WITH RISING RT (Relative Timing), presented by Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada. We continue to emphasize and expand on the importance of two of VectorVest’s exclusive indicators: RT, Relative Timing, and CI, Comfort Index. Stan highlighted the main points from his essay in the VectorVest Canada Views Friday, Oct. 6 titled, RT – The Most Important Indicator. The essay explains how RT works, and quotes VectorVest Founder Dr. Bart DiLiddo from his classic investment book, Stocks, Strategies and Common Sense as well as selected essays. For example, Dr. DiLiddo has written, “Since RT senses momentum changes, it can see the invisible. This is particularly important in spotting turning points.”

Stan showed several examples of how to use the power of RT and CI (Comfort Index) to find high probability set-ups. He also shared a few examples of how he uses different sorts in Stock Viewer to find candidates, and which VectorVest searches he finds most valuable to find stocks to graph in the hunt for the highest probability Rising RT set-ups. Here is a chart of CFP, Canfor Pulp. Stan found this one using Stock Viewer, VST DESC sort. CFP exhibited a Rising RT hitting higher lows, and unusually high volume activity. Once RT crossed above 1.0 back on February 9, notice that RT has never fallen below 1.0 and the stock price has kept rising for a nice gain.

Oct 7 cfp

COLOR GUARD REVIEW OF VECTORVEST’S GLOBAL MARKETS. How have the global markets performed? Hong Kong continues to lead with a 19,74% gain, but all our countries are higher YTD. Here is the slide that shows how they have done and VectorVest guidance for the next trading day.

Oct 7 Color Guards

VectorVest Members: I will be sending tomorrow a PDF copy of the slides and link to the recording. The prep has been done and the emails scheduled to go out at various time tomorrow.  Not currently a VectorVest member? Try out the entire program including a wealth of investing educational videos for five weeks for just $9.95 USD. Call 1-888-658-7638 for details.

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