Several people said it on Saturday. “Today’s Forum was a great way to start off the New Year and the Decade. Happy New Year to Everyone.”

Chris F. said, “Thanks Stan and Bob, the fastest 1-3/4 hrs ever.”

We started off with our Market Review of VectorVest Color Guards around the World. Bob Turnbull then explained the tweaking he had done for his 2020 Bull Strategy and his five stock choices for the start of 2020. Outstanding! As, Jerome S. said, “Bob’s trading presentation is a really a great example for people.”

About the presentation on divergence, from the comments chatted in I think it’s fair to say people came away with a better understanding of divergences and how to use them as “a leading indicator” for the overall market and individual stocks. Tony A. summed it up for a lot of people, saying, “I knew a little about divergence before. Today I learned a lot more. Thank-you”.

VectorVest divergence chart of Badger Daylight (BAD)

Click or tap image to enlarge.

There were also some terrific stock ideas for 2020. Some were submitted by members in advance of the Forum and others were discovered in our review of the top 10 performing stocks in each VectorVest country in 2019 and for the last decade. Every stock is included in the slides, and from here you can do your own review and put the stocks you want to track in your own WatchList.


VIDEO RECORDING LINK: Here is the replay link for Saturday’s Forum: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/1104672039855331329


VectorVest’s YouTube Channel: You can also watch the replay on our VectorVest YouTube Channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/VectorVestMB


VectorVest at the Wealth365 Summit: We are thrilled that Jerry D’Ambrosio has been invited to make a presentation to this year’s Wealth365 Summit. Jerry will speak about his three favourite techniques and indicators to Help You Capture Trades of a Lifetime. I would love to see Jerry’s presentation attract the most attendees of anyone there! Please show your support and register by clicking this link: https://summit.wealth365.com/vectorvest  and referring it to your friends. The date and time of Jerry’s presentation hasn’t been confirmed as yet, but the Summit gets underway on January 20th and includes six days of presentations. Your registration with Jerry gives you free access to all six days and more than 60 speakers.

In closing, I just want to pass along a few kind words I received in an email after yesterday’s Forum. I hope you feel the same way about VectorVest’s commitment to education:

“Vector Vest is the first company that truly wants to the investor to succeed by being educated, intelligent and controlling risk.  Most companies want to sell you a platform but not offer the live education presentations and daily recaps.  And I have also learned different ways besides the obvious ways to make my investing diversified.” – Robert Rayford


Best wishes to everyone for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.