Good news! You now have until Midnight Friday, August 24th Eastern Time to enter the most exciting stock investing contest of the year. The date has been extended from the previously announced August 17th deadline. Here again is the link for you to click on and register for the VectorVest All-Subscriber Portfolio Challenge.

Never mind the bragging rights and the learning opportunities, imagine what you could do with an extra $5,000 USD if you win the Grand Prize for the best performing Portfolio among every subscriber around the VectorVest world? Heck, if you win that, you’re guaranteed to win the $1,500 USD First Place Award for the best performing portfolio in the Intramural competition. That’s a cool $6,500 that could be yours!

The other Grand Prize awards are outstanding as well: $4,000 USD second place, $3,000 USD third place, $2,000 USD fourth place and $1,000 USD fifth place. Everyone who enters has a chance to win the Grand Prize Awards. The Intramural Awards are additional prizes for each VectorVest country: $1,500 USD first place, $750 USD second place, and $375 USD third place. If you enter a Canadian portfolio, you could win a Grand Prize and also an Intramural Prize for Canada. If you enter a US portfolio, you can win a Grand Prize and also an Intramural Prize for the US.

Even if you don’t win one of the major prizes, you still can win a $100 VectorVest Savings Certificate if your portfolio outperforms Dr. DiLiddo’s Money Makers portfolio in the competition.

As I’ve said before, I love the International aspect of this competition. It makes it so much fun and tremendously exciting to see what kinds of trading plans we’ll see from major markets around the world. As the competition gets underway, we’ll all have access to the Leader Board to view other trading plans and keep track of results. We had a great review of the Challenge prizes, rules and tips for best practices during our International Online User Group Forum Saturday, August 11th. If you missed it or you just want to review, click here.

A VALUABLE LESSON. Our Manager of Research, Mr. Todd Shaffer, gave us all a valuable lesson on how to research and create a winning portfolio in last week’s SOTW “Special Presentation” Video titled, “Let the Trend Be Your Friend.” For other valuable ideas, go back and read my essay of July 27th. Todd’s method of testing 5-day Derby Winners delivered eight strategies with one-year, double digit returns that anyone would be happy with. His best strategy used the Bottoms Up search and delivered an amazing one-year gain of 99%! With the example Todd provided, I’m sure you can tweak the strategy a bit to come up with something even better for your contest entry.

ONLY IN CANADA, EH? You might get even better results in Canada using Todd’s methods, slightly modified. I did, and I showed everyone how to do it who attended our regular Tuesday, SOTW Q&A webinar on August 14th. How does a one-year return of 201% sound using the Ballistic New Highs search? Or how about a 195% return with Marijuana Stocks, 95% with Stalwarts and 79% with Sky’s the Limit? Absolutely amazing! I don’t know who was more surprised, me or the members of our VectorVest community attending the webinar. I do know everyone was excited to get going to do their own testing and enter the All-Subscriber Portfolio Challenge. If you missed the webinar, you can still watch the replay by clicking here.

SOTW Ballistic New Highs Equity Curve

The testing was made simple, fast and accurate using the AutoTimer, the brains behind the BackTester and Portfolio Genius. You can get a free loaner for the contest just by calling Product Support at 1-888-658-7638.

So, don’t delay, enter the contest before midnight, Friday, August 24th. If you plan on submitting a custom search, all custom searches must also be submitted before Friday, August 24th. The competition portfolio template will be added to your VectorVest account on Friday, August 31st after the market closes. At this point, you may enter your trading system into the Genius. The Genius may be turned on only after the market closes on Monday, September 3rd to activate your Portfolio for the competition which begins at the Market’s Open on Tuesday, September 4th. The competition will end at the Market’s Close on Friday, November 30th. All the rules and dates are set out in the Competition Entry Form.

Midnight, Friday, August 24th is YOUR LAST CHANCE TO ENTER AND WIN THE $5,000 GRAND PRIZE!

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