26 06, 2024

Navigating the Economic Tides: What Consumer Confidence Trends Mean for Your Investment Strategy

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Are you feeling the economic uncertainty in the air? You're not alone. Recent data on consumer confidence paints a complex picture of the current economic landscape, with implications that could significantly impact your investment decisions. The latest Consumer Confidence Index has dipped to 100.4 in June from 101.3 in May. While this might seem [...]

1 03, 2019

Why You Should Pay Attention to the Consumer Confidence Indicator

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Interesting isn’t it how investor sentiment and consumer confidence can change and move the markets? Think back for a minute: How you were feeling about the markets last October through December? Sentiment was grim, wasn’t it? I recall Dr. DiLiddo writing about how “persistent pessimism” had driven the markets into a freefall even while corporate earnings and other economic indicators were performing reasonably well. He was right on the money, as usual.

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