CORNELIUS, N.C. — Today, VectorVest announced the release of ProfitLocker Pro, a unique, proprietary, ratcheting trading Stop for Canadian shares. The ProfitLocker Pro Stop allows a stock to fluctuate early in a trade when it’s below a target percentage gain and tightens automatically as the stock moves closer to the target.

ProfitLocker Pro can be customized based on five adjustable criteria, raising the bar for Stop-Loss control during a trade. Changes are viewable on a stock chart as they are made.

“We have ensured that ProfitLocker Pro offers a variety of traders the best possible performance and a highly intuitive adjustment—of any Stop available today,” said Don Payton, CEO of VectorVest, Inc. “This furthers our commitment to providing the best rules-based automated trading systems for investors.”

So, how does it work? ProfitLocker Pro holds the line as a stock moves sideways above a specified Stop. As price moves up, the Stop ratchets up with price, allowing room for fluctuation. As price approaches a specified target, the stop converges toward price, creating a much tighter Stop, still allowing price to continue upward. If the stock begins to fall, profits are locked in.

Cronos Group VectorVest chart with ProfitLocker Pro

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ProfitLocker Pro’s built-in, enhanced Stop templates are designed for specific investment styles and can be customized in real time within VectorVest Portfolios and in VectorVest RoboTrader. Configurations can be fully back tested against VectorVest stock selection strategies or custom strategies.

Charting functionality brings a new, expert level of fine-tuning of Stop settings for specific situations. Adjustments can be made on the fly as stock behavior changes.

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