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AC June 7 2015Option Blog June 7, 2015:

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USA: Color Guard Bearish, MTI .95, Dn/Dn, C/Down,      Do Not Purchase

CAN: Color Guard Bearish: MTI .83 Dn/Dn, C/Down         Do Not Purchase

With both markets falling, a good time to stand aside, cut losses or take profits.

Sells for the Week of June 1st:

Skyworks SWKS 5 Nov 90 Call Options @ $24     Profit $2,000 US

Buys for the Week of June 1st:

10 Air Canada (AC) Oct. 11 Call Options @$3.55

Air Canada is generating substantial income.

They have just opted out of a Government Pension Arrangement on May 27th.

Announced Buy-Back of 10 Million Shares, (3.4% of the float over the next year)

If you have flown on AC lately, you have contributed to earnings by:

  • Paying for your seat selection ahead of boarding time.
  • Having been charged baggage fees.

Noticed that their Load Factor is running at 84% or so.

Most investment firms have a price target of $17 to $20 on the stock.

Stock is selling at 4.2 x 2015 Earnings and 3.6 x 2016 Earnings.

Airline stocks have not been kind to investors in the past and many are loathe to place their bets on Air Canada. Yours to consider.AC June 7 2015

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