By Don Fanstone, Member, Kitchener/Waterloo User Group

June 21 US 2015 Color GuardOption Blog June 21, 2015:

VectorVest advises buying undervalued Hi VST stocks in a rising market.

VectorVest will help you make money if you follow VectorVest timing advice.

USA: Col. Guard Bearish, MTI 1.01, Up/Up, C/Up,    VV: Do Not Purchase.

CAN: Col. Guard Bearish: MTI .74    Dn/Dn, C/Dn VV: Do Not Purchase

The US market recorded a Confirmed Up on Thursday June 18.

Sells for the Week of June 15th:


Buys for the Week of June 15th:

5 Skyworks (SWKS) Aug. 100’s @ $14.30

5 Hudson’s’ Bay (HBC)         Oct. 23 @ $4.70

Stocks to Watch:

CNR: Huge volume Friday, Price > 30 DMA, DPO Positive. Potential Buy Dec. 64

ATD.B has risen to a new high. Would be a BUY if the market was in an UP/UP condition. Add at your own risk. Potential BUY November 44 Call

DOL. The VV graph on DOL shows a low EPS report outlook, and a low value. The Stochastics are at a high at this time. I would hold off on buying DOL at this time.

RY: Royal Bank continues to fall. Support at $75.16. Potential Buy on Reversal at support and a market moving up. Jan. 66 Call. *SEE VECTORVEST STOCK ANALYSIS REPORT BELOW.

With the market in a Down Condition, if these Options are purchased, it would be prudent to consider Buying the same strike price, at another 3 months out. Buying Time is good insurance, giving the stocks time to move up.

June 21 RY 2


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