Walmart (WMT) shared the results from its fourth quarter alongside the announcement that it would be purchasing TV manufacturer Vizio while simultaneously boosting the quarterly dividend. All this news sent shares 4% higher Tuesday morning, adding to what has been a strong trend over the past few weeks.

The worldwide retailer is benefiting from a tightening of the global economy, as consumers look to more affordable choices for household goods and groceries. Sales jumped 5.7% to $173.4 billion, outperforming the FactSet consensus of 4% growth and $170.9 billion in sales. Adjusted earnings of $1.80 also beat the expectation of $1.64. 

Solid performance over the past few quarters has allowed the company to give back to shareholders in the form of a 9% increase to its dividend – the largest raise in company history. This will work out to $2.49 a share, or 83 cents a share post-split.

Walmart isn’t just returning profits to shareholders, though. It’s also reinvesting them, as the company announced it would be purchasing Vizio for $2.3 billion, which lends to a valuation of $11.50 a share. 

The smart TV manufacturer will serve as an integral part of Walmart Connect – the retailer’s ad business. This segment grew 30% year over year to contribute $3.4 billion in revenue, which is a drop in the bucket for Walmart – but the potential is tremendous, and the Vizio deal is a strategic step in the right direction.

Looking at the road ahead, Walmart delivered a forecast for net sales growth of 3-4% – a modest bump YoY. Meanwhile, adjusted earnings will fall in the range of $6.70 to $7.12 prior to the pending stock split (scheduled for later this week). Post-split, this figure will be $2.23 to $2.37.

CFO David Rainey cautioned about economic uncertainty playing a role in where exactly the company falls on that spectrum of guidance but admitted it could be a help or a hindrance – only time will tell. Still, Rainy is optimistic about the year ahead – and so are analysts, with 85% of those polled maintaining a “buy” stance on WMT

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