Planet Fitness (PLNT) delivered third-quarter earnings that sent shares 12% higher in Tuesday morning’s session after beating the consensus on the top and bottom lines. 

Revenue for the third quarter climbed to $277.6 million, representing nearly 14% growth YoY. The FactSet consensus was just $268.2 million. 

A big chunk of this growth can be attributed to franchise segment revenue, which was up nearly 22% for the quarter. Meanwhile, corporate-owned stores pulled their weight as well, up almost 12%. Equipment revenue also showed a 6.1% improvement.

Profitability got a nice boost for the quarter as well. Net income of $39.1 million was much higher than the $26.9 million reported this time last year. 59 cents/share on an adjusted basis beat the FactSet consensus of 55 cents per share.

While this performance was enough to send positive ripples throughout the market, CFO Tom Fitzgerald says that the company’s growth is still being stifled by delays in opening new stores as a result of permitting problems. Planet Fitness was initially projecting to open 150-160 stores this year but now believes that figure will fall between 130-140.

Interim CEO Craig Benson also teased the possibility of raising prices on the classic $10/month membership for the first time in 30 years. As inflationary pressure continues to mount, Benson believes that there are opportunities to raise pricing without sacrificing member growth.

Looking forward to the remainder of the year, Planet Fitness expects revenue growth of around 14% now – up from the previously issued guidance of 12%. Adjusted EPS got a marginal lift as well, up to 35% from 34%.

If today’s performance holds it will be the biggest day of growth in 3 years for PLNT. The stock is now up more than 30% in the past month. So, is it time to buy PLNT?

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