Monday: Mixed Start
The week started quietly as investors anticipated key economic data due later in the week. Market activity was relatively subdued with minor movements in the major indices. The anticipation set the tone for a cautious trading environment.

Tuesday: Rising Treasury Yields Weigh on Market
With key economic data due out at the end of the week on investors’ minds, the Major Indices closed Tuesday’s session mixed. The Dow fell 0.6%, while the S&P500 added a paltry 0.02%, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq rose 0.6%. The mixed results indicated a market searching for direction amidst uncertainty.

Wednesday: Caution Ahead of PCE Release
Rising treasury yields weighed on the market mid-week. The Major Indexes ended the session lower with the Dow, S&P500, and Nasdaq decreasing by 1.1%, 0.7%, and 0.6%, respectively. This mid-week decline reflected investor concerns about the potential impact of higher yields on the broader market.

Thursday: Market Reacts to PCE Report
Wall Street closed lower again as investors displayed caution ahead of the Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) release. The Dow declined 0.9%, the S&P500 fell 0.6%, and the Nasdaq plunged 1.1%. The sell-off indicated heightened investor nervousness about upcoming economic data.

Friday: End of May Gains
Investors digested the latest PCE report, leading to a choppy session with mixed results for the major indices. The Dow surged 1.5%, the S&P500 picked up 0.8%, while the Nasdaq fell a paltry 0.01%. Despite the mixed performance, Friday marked the end of May, with all Major Indices ending the month on a positive note. However, all three Major Indices experienced an overall loss for the week.

Weekly Summary
The past week was characterized by cautious trading as investors awaited key economic data. Mixed results across the major indices highlighted market uncertainty. While the Dow and S&P500 saw gains on specific days, the overall weekly performance was negative, reflecting the ongoing volatility and investor apprehension about economic conditions.

Stay tuned for our video forecast on the week ahead, where we’ll provide insights and predictions to help navigate the ever-changing landscape of the stock market.

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