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 Secret #5 Learn to Trade Options

 5 Steps You Must Know to Generate Monthly Income with Options


Options JumpStarter

Leverage and profit by learning to trade options. The Options JumpStarter course is a beginner’s guide to profitable options trading. Our experienced options coach will teach you the important terms and core options trades. You’ll receive step-by-step modules that break down the best time to place options trades and how to set the trades up correctly. You will have no trouble increasing your probability of success when you learn to trade options with the JumpStarter course.Learn More

Options Paycheck

This course is your road map to generating income using options. You can make a minimum of 3% per month in any market conditions. You’ll learn how to build successful option trades and how to get paid in rising and falling markets. You don’t need to spend hours looking for trades, we’ll show you proven trade selection methods that save you time. If you want to learn how to trade options and make money on a consistent basis, then there is no better course than Options Paycheck. Learn More

5-Point Option Profit System Checklist

Use our 5-point Option Profit System Checklist to leverage your money and double your returns vs. just buying stocks. Learn More

Featured Team Members

Brian D’Amico

Brian D’Amico is the Director of Educational Marketing at VectorVest, Inc. Brian began his career at VectorVest 19 years ago and has brought his unique style of teaching to educate investors on how to invest in equities and options. Brian has worked closely with hundreds of clients to provide them with the tools and lessons they need to become a successful investor. His lessons are both educational and entertaining! It must be his experience as a school teacher that has led him to developing educational curriculum that is easy to retain so you walk away satisfied with the knowledge you gained. Sometimes learning about stocks & options can be overwhelming and boring. Brian’s goal is to break out the fundamentals and ignite passion & confidence in people so they can create a better life for themselves and their family.

Ron Wheeler

Ron has more than 20 years of experience educating traders all over the world on topics such as creating trading systems, technical analysis, hedging, and risk management. He began his trading and teaching career in 1997 as a Commodity and Equity Future Day trader concentrating on the use of Technical Analysis concepts such as Elliott Wave, W.D. Gann, and Fibonacci. After more than a decade of day trading, he gradually shifted his trading to options to spend less time in front of the screens. Today he concentrates most of his trading on stocks and indices solely using options. His focus today is the creation of high probability setups using various types of spreads.


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