By Don Fanstone, Member, Kitchener/Waterloo User Group

bull and bearOption Blog July 12, 2015:

VectorVest advises buying undervalued High VST stocks in a rising market.

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USA: Col. Guard Bearish, MTI .72   Dn/Dn, C/Dn,    VV: Do Not Purchase.

CAN: Col. Guard Bearish: MTI .65    Dn/Dn, C/Dn VV: Do Not Purchase

Have the markets hit bottom, or are we in for more indecision on resolution of the Greek situation? There is a lack of trust on the part of the money lenders. Will the European Common Union powers that be take over the administration of Greece’s finances, or will Greece revert to the Drachma? Whatever the resolution, there appears to be pain in the forecast for the Greek citizens.

Sells for the Week of July 6th:


Buys for the Week of July 6th:

5 Magna Nov. 62’s @ $10.00

July 10 Magna 2
Stocks to Watch:

CTC.A Canadian Tire.                      Potential Buy Nov. 125

CNR.                                                Potential BUY Dec. 64

ATD.B Alimentation Couché-Tard. Potential BUY Nov. 44 Call

DOL. Dollarama.                              Potential BUY Jan. 66 Call.

RY: Royal Bank.                              Potential Buy Jan. 66 Call.

Be Prudent: Look for the MTI to cross over the 8 DMA and a Green Light appears in the Price Column before taking positions.

With the market in a state of indecision, I suggest Bull Credit Spreads be put on hold until a solid turn up takes place.

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