The Birthday Game

Making money in the stock market is easy, just buy stocks on your birthday — America’s Safest Stocks!

With stock prices hitting new highs over-and-over again and the attention on Meme stocks, SPACs, NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, ETFs and Zero Commissions, many investors believe that getting rich in the market has never been easier. Maybe so, but they have a lot to learn.

I started to invest in 1960.  I signed up with a top-flight brokerage firm, read books on investing, joined an investment club, subscribed to newsletters, and still lost money…until I began to buy safe, reliable stocks.

Stock safety depends primarily on consistent, reliable earnings growth. When a company’s earnings rise year-after-year, through good times and bad, its stock price goes higher and higher.  Think UNH, AZO, SYK and many others.

VectorVest has been analyzing and ranking stocks since 1988. Thousands of tests over the last 25 years show that portfolios of America’s 20 Safest, Most Reliable Stocks make money virtually 100% of the time. To see for yourself, Watch The Video.

You can try VectorVest Risk-Free for 30 days, only $9.95! With the trial you can play the birthday game and see for yourself how good VectorVest is at picking stocks. If you find a date that doesn’t show a profit, you’ll win a FREE 1-year subscription of VectorVest. To play, simply select your birth date for any day in the last 25 years, that is at least one year in the past. You can run as many tests as you wish.

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Top 20 stocks from VectorVest’s “Ruler Stocks” strategy on 5/13/1996. These companies have earnings so consistent, that you could put a ruler on their earnings in a chart to forecast next quarters’ report.

Here’s what our customers say…

5 stars - Verified order

The software is easy to use and powerful!

“I have been using VectorVest for approximately 25+ years. I have found the software easy to use and powerful for both investing and trading. Tech support is first rate.

—Jack M.

5 stars - Verified order

Use this before buying any stock…

“VectorVest is my first stop when buying any stock or stock option. Its proprietary system tells when you should buy, hold, or sell any stock. Be sure to study its VST (Value, Safety, and Timing) system to get the most out of the program. It also gives you the market timing in general, when it is safe to jump in or time to start getting defensive.”

—Linda P.

5 stars - Verified order

I finally found a resource that helps…

“I finally found a resource that helps cut through the noise and simplify my stock picking and timing.”

— J.B.

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