Stock Market Myth #2

In my May 21st essay before the long weekend, I wrote that this would be a great time to brush up on your investing knowledge by re-reading Dr. Bart DiLiddo’s classic little green investment book, Stocks, Strategies & Common Sense. Well, I took my own advice...

Two Unique Investment Styles Showcased During International Online User Group Forum

We were treated to two highly effective yet quite different searches and trading systems during our International Online User Group Forum Saturday, July 7.

It’s All About Earnings

“Earnings growth is the engine that drives stock prices higher and higher.” As with all matters investing, the opposite is also true.


As I wrote in last week’s essay, we had some interesting and valuable discussion during the prior Tuesday Q&A Webcast. At one point, the chat turned to questions about why two stocks with better than average fundamentals, Chorus Aviation (CHR) and Premium Brands (PBH), each had experienced sharp drops in price after their earnings reports. [...]

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