To Play Good Defense, RT Holds the Key

Investors in gold stocks, myself included, had a rude awakening Tuesday morning. The spot Price of gold was down $70 even before the market opened, plunging below the highwater benchmark of $2,000...

Discover the Power of Relative Timing (RT)

Investopedia defines Growth stocks as those that have the potential to outperform the overall market over time because of their future potential, while Value stocks are those that are currently trading below what they are really worth and will, therefore, provide a superior return...

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Why You Shouldn’t Take a Trade

As investors, we tend to spend most of our time looking for reasons to buy a stock and very little time thinking about why we SHOULDN’T take the trade, at least not now. But with so many choices, why settle for a stock that has one or more negative aspects that might cause it to drop instead of going up the way we expect it to?

Trade the Midas Touch RT Like a Rocket

A lot has been written about VectorVest’s exclusive Relative Timing, RT indicator, and deservedly so. There’s no better measure of investor sentiment...

Video: All About Thematic ETFs: The Wave of the Future

Ed Subak’s presentation to our VectorVest International User Group Forum Saturday titled, Thematic ETFs — An Update, was truly an eye-opener about how megatrends are driving the financial markets and how we can invest profitably in these trends.

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