How To Avoid Dividend Cuts

VectorVest subscribers appear to enjoy hearing and talking about dividend investing. Last Friday’s essay, titled, Stock Dividend Cuts Raise Alarms, received a terrific response...

Relative Safety and the Best of All Worlds

As I write, market volatility continues. VectorVest is urging caution and erring on the side of defense. This might be a time when even aggressive investors and traders will want to wait for more confirmation of an uptrend, such as the DEW or Confirmed Call...

When Retirees Depend on Dependability

When you depend on dividend income for a secure retirement, the most important thing in your portfolio is, dependability.

Follow These Five Basic Rules For Picking Stocks

With so many choices in a rising market, selecting the best stocks can be challenging for many investors. While every investor will have their own goals and investment style, having a clear set of basic rules can help.

Back to Basics: What Investors Should Know

What follows is some of the best guidance for retirement accounts taken from the little green book, Dr. DiLiddo’s essays, the Guide to Worry Free Investing (Views Tab Special Reports), and my own experiences.

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