What are the Benefits of Trading Stock Options?

What are the benefits of trading stock options? If you’re considering learning how to buy and sell options, you’re making a great decision. This investment style offers a host of advantages to traders. And in this complete guide, we’re going to cover them all. Leverage, low risk, diversification, flexibility, low capital requirements, and tax advantages [...]

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How do Options Affect Stock Price?

When you purchase options contracts, you’re making an educated guess on how you expect the underlying stock in question to perform in the future.  Maybe you’ve purchased a call option and are hoping the stock in question rises in price so that you can then purchase it at a discount. On the other hand, perhaps [...]

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When Do Stock Options Expire?

There are a few components of an options contract - the strike price, the underlying stock in question, the quantity, and of course, whether the contract is a call or put. But today, we’re going to talk about the expiration date. More specifically, when do stock options expire? Not just the date - but what [...]

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When to Sell Stock Options Contracts as Opposed to Exercising the Options Contract

Are you wondering when to sell stock options contracts back on the market as opposed to exercising the option and buying/selling the underlying stock in question? You’ve come to the right place. Maybe your contract is in the money right now - or looks as if it’s headed in that direction. But, you don’t have [...]

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How to Short a Stock With Options: The Complete Guide to Shorting Stock With Options

Do you have an open position in a stock and want to hedge against any possible downside? Are you looking for a way to capitalize on your theory that a stock is going to drop in value? If so, you have come to the right place. Today, we’re going to teach you how to short [...]

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How to Sell Stock Options: Earn Consistent Profits by Writing Options Contracts!

Much of the conversation of options trading is in regards to buying contracts - but maybe you want to take the wheel yourself and learn how to sell stock options. If so, you’ve come o the right place. In this article, we’re going to guide you through the process of creating and selling your own [...]

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So much for the Santa Claus rally. Yes, we did have a couple of huge up days near the end of the month, most notably a 385-point gain December 27th, and still our Canadian market is on track for its worst December since 2008. By far.

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