How Did Our Model Portfolios Hold Up During the Market Crash?

Investors have endured the steepest stock market collapse in the shortest period of all-time...

5 Model Portfolios You Can Implement Today

Our five CA VectorVest Model Portfolios without exception have done well in 2019, more than making up for losses during the market correction in the second half of 2018. You can see it by looking at the equity curves, and does not include any dividends, just capital gains. Let’s dig deeper...

Great stocks that keep showing up in our Model Portfolios

Hats off to Mr. Todd Shaffer, VectorVest Manager of Research. Todd does an amazing amount of research to develop time-tested, proven trading systems for VectorVest’s Model Portfolios. He tries to show a variety of investment styles, timing systems, and Stop-Sell criteria. I know firsthand the amount of time and creativity that went into creating Canada’s [...]

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