Investing and Retirement

Last week a subscriber emailed, “What does the term retirement mean with VectorVest? Does it mean you are already retired and living on the income and buying mostly REITs or high dividend paying stocks similar to the positions held in the Canadian model Retirement portfolio?”

Automating Your Trading Plan with a Great WatchList

Recently I wrote about lessons learned while I was conducting a manual backtest that made effective use of VectorVest’s outstanding Master Retirement WatchList. This week I sought to automate the process to make it easy for everyone to do their own testing and create their own trading system for possible implementation...

Trade the Midas Touch RT Like a Rocket

A lot has been written about VectorVest’s exclusive Relative Timing, RT indicator, and deservedly so. There’s no better measure of investor sentiment...

How Tom Found A Little Gem In 2 Minutes With VectorVest

If it’s true that misery likes company, then perhaps we can all take solace that most global markets have been miserable for at least a few weeks now...

The New Master Retirement WatchList

Why use WatchLists? One of the best analogies I’ve heard is that it’s like buying groceries. Have you ever been to the supermarket without a shopping list?

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