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Investors seem to be waiting for the next shoe to drop, but so far it hasn’t. Defying common sense and logic, it seems, global markets continue their volatile, zigzag climb, with some indices at or at least near their pre-Coronavirus highs...

An Extraordinary Financial Freedom Summit

I hope you had the opportunity May 18-20 to watch a few, if not all, of the Financial Freedom Summit presentations. It was an unmatched opportunity to hear from a variety of in-house and guest experts covering all aspects of investing in stocks, ETFs and options...

The Financial Freedom Summit

It’s never too late to become a better investor. Retail investors are now seeking more training, education and guidance to make more money, more consistently in the stock market. VectorVest has produced a huge response to this need the last few years, offering expert guidance through numerous free and paid webinars and courses every month...

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The Best Sectors for Different Market Cycle Phases

Knowing which sectors are most likely to outperform the stock market at different phases of market cycles can give you an edge in your stock picking and timing.

(TOMORROW!) A Winning ETF Strategy at our International Online Forum

If you're looking for an easy, simple to implement ETF strategy that has delivered high double-digit returns each of the last two years, you don't want to miss tomorrow's VectorVest International Online User Group Forum - Saturday, November 3 starting at 11:00 am Eastern / 08:00 am Pacific. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THIS FREE [...]

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