Number 1 Rule to Investing: Let the Trend be Your Friend

What a wacky stock market. A nice rally for a couple of hours early Monday followed by a huge selloff to the end of the session. Tuesday the market opens sharply lower for the first hour and then moves straight up the rest of the day...

Investing and Retirement

Last week a subscriber emailed, “What does the term retirement mean with VectorVest? Does it mean you are already retired and living on the income and buying mostly REITs or high dividend paying stocks similar to the positions held in the Canadian model Retirement portfolio?”

How to Conquer Your Fear in the Market

Let’s talk about fear, one of the most difficult emotions to control. At the beginning of 2019, many investors missed the beginning of a strong market rally because they were fearful...

How to Supercharge Your Portfolio

Does it feel like your portfolio isn’t making the gains it should? Do you have too many stocks that are underperforming the market or worse, costing you money? Is volatility causing you sleepless nights?

Bear Market Tactics Theme Attracts Strong Turnout For VectorVest’s January 12th International Online Forum

Learning about Bear Market Tactics is clearly a topic of considerable interest judging from yesterday’s outstanding attendance and participation in our International Online User Group Forum. Thanks to everyone who attended for another enjoyable and productive meeting.


So much for the Santa Claus rally. Yes, we did have a couple of huge up days near the end of the month, most notably a 385-point gain December 27th, and still our Canadian market is on track for its worst December since 2008. By far.

Follow the Trend

VectorVest’s edge is trend following. It’s a methodology our Founder and Chairman, Dr. Bart DiLiddo, and his instructors have taught for more than 25 years.

It’s All About Earnings

“Earnings growth is the engine that drives stock prices higher and higher.” As with all matters investing, the opposite is also true.

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