4 Simple Steps

Finding the best stocks to consistently make money in stocks isn’t easy, but traders and investors don’t have to make it as complex and difficult as we too often do. I think that’s why I received such an overwhelming positive response for my presentation Saturday, August 7th to the VectorVest International Online Forum.

It was titled, 4 Simple Steps to Find the Best Stocks, and it really can be that easy.

Bill P. wrote, I honestly did not understand the power of the Buy REC Indicator and RT until you showed us how to use it today. Brilliant!

Joan G. wrote, I have just completed watching your outstanding presentation and completing the “homework” and “ideas” you suggested.  I am now prepared for Monday morning.  Your presentations are always worthwhile Stan but this work was in my opinion perhaps one of your very best.  Here is hoping that all members take heed.  It is simple and does not interfere with the existing strategies we have chosen to trade.

Video Replay

In case you missed it, copied below is the replay link to watch the entire International Online Forum including an outstanding presentation by Dr. David Paul, Managing Director, VectorVest UK. Please Click Here: https://youtu.be/mb5fMXsfWCo

Here in a nutshell are the 4 Simple Steps:

4 Simple Steps to Find Better Stocks

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Let’s focus on how to find Quality, Rising Stocks.

Here are three rules or steps to follow:


  • Broad Market is in an uptrend
  • Color Guard is Bullish or Mildly Bullish


  • A new Buy signal is generated
  • Look at left of graph for Support, Channels, or other Bullish Patterns
  • The 40 MA of RT is ideally beginning or already displaying a strong new thrust to the upside.


  • The next candlestick after the new Buy makes a higher high, or a higher high occurs within a 5-day trading period

The screenshot below taken from the August 7th presentation shows how well this method works:

How this method works chart

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