Shopify and Weekly Video: Rising Sectors and Highly Effective VectorVest Overview WatchLists

Two items I hope you will find interesting today. First, a short investing video looking at the week ahead in the market. I also look at the RT, Relative Timing technique to find good stock candidates in Canadian Sectors and the US Overview WatchLists. Here is the replay link: Click for the Video Replay. Next [...]

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New Video: Lessons from the volatility in Marijuana and Shipping Stocks: Don’t Chase Price.

VectorVest teaches us that when price has pulled sharply away from its 40-day Simple Moving Average, it's more likely to pull back closer to the 40-MA before resuming its upward trend. The theory behind this relatively consistent move is called, Reversion to the Mean. In other words, it's more risky and you are likely to pay too [...]

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The Week Ahead Video – August 22-26.

Earnings are winding down, but still a few interesting stocks to watch in the week ahead. In The Week Ahead video below we look at few CA and US companies that are reporting. We'll walk you through a trade set-up for Royal Bank (RY-Toronto) using Jamin's Trade Analysis Calculator, and we take a look at how the markets are setting [...]

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That was exciting! In case you missed it, read on to get the Recording of Yesterday’s Terrific CA Online Forum

Yes, by all accounts, yesterday's first monthly Canada Online Forum was exciting! It was also tremendously informative, energizing and confidence-building.  It was filled with stock selection and analysis ideas and methods. We had interaction and participation from Coast to Coast with several people adding valuable insights and asking great questions. We had terrific guest speakers: Emanuel Althuis [...]

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The 7 Keys to Managing Risk – A must-watch video.

Do yourself a favour. Watch this short video to learn the 7 keys to managing risk. It's presented by Angel Clark, VectorVest's Creative Marketing Director. It's short, interestingly presented and packed with wisdom for a lifetime of successful investing. Like it on our Facebook page and make sure your children and grandchildren get a chance [...]

July 1, 2015 CA Colour Guard Video Report. Greece situation still unsettled. Caution is advised.

By Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada Despite a strong rebound rally today in New York, VectorVest is advocating caution in tomorrow's trading in both Canada and US markets. The TSX was closed today for the Canada Holiday. While VectorVest guidance states, "Prudent Investors should remain on the sidelines", it's a good idea to have your [...]

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Financials, technology, consumer staples lift TSX. See our June 3 2015 Canada Colour Guard Report

Canada's main stock index and the VectorVest Composite Index (VVC/CA) closed higher today, driven by strength in consumer staples and discretionary; metals, financial and technology sectors. Lots of major news events this week could affect CA and US markets. The Color Guard is only mildly bullish, and caution when buying stocks long is advised. OECD [...]

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How to run a manual BackTest using charts for exits

By Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada We're spoiled with VectorVest's AutoTimer Genius by the ability to run several BackTests in a reasonably short period, easily changing our test dates, market timing signals, search criteria and money management strategies. We can change from Gain/Loss to Trailing Stops in the blink of an eye and run several tests in short [...]

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