Bear markets can be frustrating. However, when you manage them correctly, they create exceptional buying opportunities. The key is to know when to stop buying and raise cash by protecting profits, and, have the confidence to start buying again when the market is at or near a bottom.

The New Master Retirement WatchList

Why use WatchLists? One of the best analogies I’ve heard is that it’s like buying groceries. Have you ever been to the supermarket without a shopping list?

Amazing! These top 40 retirement stocks have a 53% ARR the last three years. Can you guess which ones?

Are you kidding me? A 53% average annual gain over the last three years?  I think most of us would be thrilled with half that return, especially considering this year's 10% decline in the TSX. And yes, all but three of these long-term winners, two banks and a railroad, have posted a positive return so far in 2015. Royal Bank is the [...]

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Greece votes ‘no’ to austerity. VectorVest continues its guidance, “It’s time to be defensive and protect profits.”

Early news reports indicate that Greece has voted convincingly to reject austerity measures. Already the 'fear mongering' headlines are starting to appear. 'Chaos' is the word of the day. No one knows for sure how the markets will react, but taking cautionary steps is never a bad thing. (Remind me to give you a little quiz [...]

The 7 Keys to Managing Risk – A must-watch video.

Do yourself a favour. Watch this short video to learn the 7 keys to managing risk. It's presented by Angel Clark, VectorVest's Creative Marketing Director. It's short, interestingly presented and packed with wisdom for a lifetime of successful investing. Like it on our Facebook page and make sure your children and grandchildren get a chance [...]

3 Qualities to look for in Retirement Stocks – Free Q&A Webinar

Our Friday Special Presentation focused on three qualities to look for in retirement stocks: 1. High Relative Safety 2. High Dividend Yield, Safety and Growth, and 3, High Comfort Index. All three are terrific indicators found only in VectorVest. During our Q&A Webinar tomorrow at 12:30 pm EDT, we'll use a few searches to find [...]

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How to run a manual BackTest using charts for exits

By Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada We're spoiled with VectorVest's AutoTimer Genius by the ability to run several BackTests in a reasonably short period, easily changing our test dates, market timing signals, search criteria and money management strategies. We can change from Gain/Loss to Trailing Stops in the blink of an eye and run several tests in short [...]

Markham UG’s Business Plan for a Retired Couple

Submitted By Phil Thomas, User Group Leader Toronto-Markham VectorVest User Group Editors Note: The templates and information contained in the following article are outstanding. As always, the stocks identified are not recommendations. Investors must always do their own research and homework and come up with a plan that suits their own investment goals, risk tolerance, [...]

VectorVest Investor’s Top 40 Retirement Picks for 2015

The vote is in. VectorVest investors attending our weekly SOTW Q&A Monday, December 22 gave us their top 40 Retirement Stock Picks for 2015. Included is a mix of conservative and prudent picks. Most are geared for income such as high-yielding Financial 15 Split Corp (FTN), Crescent Point Energy (CPG) and Brookfield Power (BEP.U), but others [...]

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