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10 Tips for New Subscribers (and Everyone).

VectorVest is not only a stock analysis service, it also provides a comprehensive education on how to make money and how to protect profits. I urge you to take advantage of these resources that includes essays, special reports, workshops, webinars and videos. You’ll learn the VectorVest System and investing principles that have guided subscribers to […]

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Be a More Confident Investor: Buy Hot Stocks in Hot Industries

Want to become a more confident investor and improve your stock picking skills? Then I suggest to start paying more attention to Industry Group Analysis. Stocks in the best performing Industry Groups are worth following. They say, ‘Birds of a Feather Flock Together’, and that’s certainly true of stocks. In fact, you can hardly go […]

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Knowledge of Gaps Gives VectorVest Members A Powerful Edge In Trading

In 1597, Francis Bacon coined the phrase, “Knowledge is Power.” If knowledge is used properly it yields money, which is power in today’s times. Saturday, we learned how powerful gaps are in trading. Now, after hearing Dr. Barbara Star’s amazing and valuable presentation to our VectorVest International Online User Group Forum, we have the knowledge […]

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Using Price Gaps in Trading

USING PRICE GAPS IN TRADING, a free presentation by Dr. Barbara Star, PH.D., author, teacher and technical analysis expert. We see price gaps on our charts all the time. But what do they mean and how can we use them to gain a trader’s edge? Find out tomorrow when you join our free VectorVest International […]

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As I wrote in last week’s essay, we had some interesting and valuable discussion during the prior Tuesday Q&A Webcast. At one point, the chat turned to questions about why two stocks with better than average fundamentals, Chorus Aviation (CHR) and Premium Brands (PBH), each had experienced sharp drops in price after their earnings reports. […]

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